Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rappelling in Karadigudda

Are you one among the adventure sports lovers? Are you looking for a different locality, where you can experience and enjoy at a different time? Wanna jump from the top of a huge rock? Or, does your mind asking for fresh air? Bear Hill or Karadigudda may be the answer to all the above desires. Karadigudda or Bear Hills
Karadigudda is one of the most beautiful mountains of village Hosakote in Kanakapura Talluk, Ramanagara district. Bear hill attracts the adventurists through its huge sized rocks. Another important point here is, the path to the hill. A small way which is passing through eminence of paddy fields. Actually there is no perticular path to the top of the hill. So, we have to find or make way to reach the peek. It is totally a different kind of experience.

Rappelling is a very little known sports in India. In simple words, coming down from the top of a hill by using ropes is called Rappelling. But, instructors guidelines should be followed without failure. Peek of Bear hill is about 90 feet. Anyone can enjoy this rare sports here without any hesitation. Then, what are you waiting for? Head out in your trecking dress...!
Where Is This Place?
Bear hills is in Hosakote village of Kanakapura talluk, Ramanagara district.

How Far It Is From Bangalore?
Bear hill is located in about 65 Kilometers from the city (around 10 KMs from Kanakapura).

Rappelling should be done with experts/ instructors advices. Dont try in your own.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lift stones like Cotton!!

Friends, Bangalore is a beautiful city, surrounded by wonderful mountains. If you are interested in trecking, or wanna get fresh air, I think there is no need of travelling out of Bangalore for two-three days. There are lot of picnic spots around Bangalore in a distance of 60-70 kilometers.

Here is a wonderful and much exciting trecking spot called Kodu Veerabhadreshwara mountain in Teru Beedhi village, Kanakapura Talluk of Ramanagara district. The mountain welcomes you with lush green and variety of wild flowers all the way. If you are lucky enough, one could encounter wild animals like elephants, wild buffellos etc..!

The main attraction of Kodu Veerabhadreshwara mountain is cotton like weighing stones...! Normally a stone of a medium size weighs about 60 to 70 kilograms. But, in this mountain any one can lift a big stone to his shoulder or head very easily without seeking others help..!! Villagers of Teru Beedhi call it as a miracle. Sounds very strange, but it is true...! There are two stories behind these low weighing stones. * According to a villager, once upon a time monsters were ruling the world. They started troubling kind and good people. Losing their patience, people appealed the God to save them from the monsters. So, Lord Ishwara descended as Veera Bhadreshwara and killed those evil powers from the top of this mountain. Those monsters' blood dried after so many centuries and became low weighing stones...!.

* But, according to some experts, this region was one of the active volcanos in the past. When lava was coming out, air might have mixed up. So the stones are weighing very low. Whatever the stories behind, we as treckers have to just enjoy our trip. Thats it right..!! Enjoy your trip..!! :)

How to reach Kodu Veerabhadreshwara Mountain?
If you are travelling from Bangalore, move in Kanakapura road till Harohalli (25 KMs approximately), take a left turn to reach Maralavadi (15 KMs approximately), and reach Teru Beedhi (7 KMs approximately). Park your vehicle in the village, get a villager as your guide and walk around 4 kilometers to the base of the mountain and start climbing to the top...!
Please note:
* Keep the mountain pollution free. Don't throw plastic bags, bottles..etc.
* Don't even try to hurt the villagers belief by unknowingly also.
* Carry a bottle of water with you.
* It would be better if you go in last week of October or in November.